"Toast. Is there any comfort food easier to make? You pull it out of the toaster and plop on your favorite topping. Presto! Breakfast!"

You may have seen some of my toast recipes on my recipe page (strawberry cheesecake toast, s'mores toast, chocolate cream pie toast, pumpkin pie toast, mashed banana toast, and grits on toast).  I thought it would be a genius idea to make creative toast recipes, but then I realized that there were WAY too many!!  The other day, I came across a page that actually listed tons of toppings you can put on toast.  It lists 351 ways to enjoy toast, to be exact (now you understand why I stopped making toast recipes?). So I decided to just make a page about toast and share the website with you.

You can find all the toppings here.

And be warned: some of them are crazyyy.

One last thing: I will continue to make creative toast recipes, but only if they aren't on the website listed above and they're really good.