Saturday, January 14, 2012

Chocolate Cream Pie Toast/Sandwich

Ahhh nutella....the world's most favorite spread....along with peanut butter, of course.  Did you know that there's a World Nutella Day?  Yep.  You can check out the website here.  There are sooo many amazing recipes all revolving around that one heavenly ingredient: NUTELLA. Whoever invented nutella was a genius.   I mean really, chocolate on bread?  Can it really be that easy and that delicious?  Ohh most certainly can.  So I decided to enhance the usual nutella on toast to be a little more decadent: by adding whipped cream!  The whipped cream gets soft and slightly melted on top of the warm nutella and melts in your mouth.  I've had this toast many times...always with different toppings.  Feel free to add whatever toppings you'd like...crushed oreos, nilla wafers, or other crushed cookies, drizzle peanut butter, flaked coconut, caramel sauce, crushed candy bars, chocolate shavings....oh yeah, I've had it all.  Whatever way you choose to jazz it up, it will always be good.  And that's a promise.

1 slice of bread, or 2 for a sandwich
1-2 tablespoons nutella (depending how much you want)
desired amount of whipped cream
desired toppings (see ones listed above, optional)

Toast bread.  Spread nutella immediatly over hot, toasted bread, until evenly coated.  Put whipped cream on top of nutella.  Add desired toppings, and enjoy(:

***you can add a slice of toasted bread on top to make a sandwich, too. And just a warning...the whipped cream tends to ooze out. But hey, it's the taste that counts, right? 

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