Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mom's Buttermilk Cookies

Have you seen my Lime Tea Cookies that I recently posted here? The lime cookies are fluffy, buttermilk-like cookies, and they triggered my memory of this buttermilk cookie recipe. I made them a few months ago with my friend - I was teaching her how to bake...and we were in the mood for some sugar cookies - and these buttermilk cookies turned out absolutely phenomenal.   I had only made buttermilk cookies once before this recipe in a foods class at my school, and I thought the cookies we made in class were really tasty - like a fluffy, sugar cookie.  These "Mom's Buttermilk Cookies" were the first recipe listed under "frosted cookies" in my Taste of Home: Baking Cookbook, so I knew they had to be delicious when my friend and I decided to make them.  And we were totally right.  Because all I remember is each of us dancing around the room, finishing off nearly the entire batch of cookies ourselves, saying "Mmmmm...these are SO FREAKING GOOD!"  The frosting is the best part.  I remember the entire cookie just melted in my mouth and I couldn't stop eating them - especially fresh from the oven.  I'm so glad I remembered this recipe...I honestly have no idea how I forgot about them.  

You can find this incredible cookie recipe here.

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