Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Best French Toast In the Entire Universe


Oh yeah.  I'm not kidding in the slightest...this is the BEST french toast recipe ever.  I first had it a few year's ago at my friend Lisa's house; her mom made it for us for breakfast.  I loved it so much...I had at least thirds.  I kept telling her how incredible it was, and she made it every time me and Lisa had a sleepover.  It cuts like butter, and the inside is perfectly eggy and soak up the egg/milk mixture sooo well.  The addition of orange zest gives it a wonderful, fresh taste that makes it so much better than any other french toast recipe.  And the honey makes it perfectly sweet and...ohmygoodness everything about this recipe is just SO perfect.  It's just as phenomenal every time I eat it.  It's one of those recipes where once you have it, you have to have it every couple weeks or so or you'll go insane because you love it so much. She gave me the recipe and I can honestly say I've only made it once, but I used a different bread, so it didn't turn out as good as she makes it. You have to use a good Challah bread, or it won't taste like the absolute best french toast in the entire universe.  But I promise you that if you follow this recipe exactly, it will be the best.  After you try this recipe, you will never eat another french toast recipe EVER again.  Whenever me or a friend or family member makes or orders french toast, it seriously tastes almost gross, because all you can think about is how much better this recipe is.  I recommend serving it will pure maple syrup, a little bit of powdered sugar, and fresh strawberries. Please try this will not disappoint.  You can find this recipe here.

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