Saturday, November 26, 2011

Campfire Biscuits

This is probably one of my top 5 favorite foods ever. And that is saying a lot.  Trust me.  I’ve tried an incredible amount of food in my short lifetime.  These biscuits from heaven are so, so, so, soooo good!!!!!!  Way better than s’mores.  I seriously go into a food coma every time I make them.  Each biscuit melts in your mouth and I could eat the entire thing in one bite.  You can put whatever ingredients you want in them. I’ve made many variations: different types of chips (all are amazing, like butterscotch and white chocolate), mini marshmallows, & graham cracker crumbs…nut butters…cheese…butter, brown sugar and cinnamon…be creative!  My favorite is definitely butter and semi-sweet chocolate chips.  They get super melted in the hot dough, and sometimes the butter will ooze out of it and you’ll have to eat it really fast…but you’ll eat these fast anyways, because they’re so darn good.

Croissant dough (I used the canned Pillsbury kind that comes in triangles)
Semi-sweet chocolate chips
Salted butter

1. Place the croissant dough (1-2 triangles=1 serving) on the end of a stick (or pole; whatever you’re using to roast it over the fire) so that it’s covering the end.  Wrap the sides around the stick, and pinch it all the way down (should be about 4 inches) so that it’s sealed (this prevents the ingredients from oozing out when you stuff them).
2. Roast the dough over the fire until browned.  Make sure it’s pretty crisp on the outside (but not burned!) to make sure the inside is well cooked, because it will be less cooked on the inside than on the outside.  When browned, carefully slide the biscuit off the stick – if it sticks and doesn’t slide off smoothly, then it’s not cooked enough.
3. While it’s still hot, fill the biscuit with chocolate chips and butter, alternating in shifts, so that each is distributed evenly within the biscuit.  Make sure to stuff it down to the bottom and fill it completely up.  Wait about a minute to make sure it all melts.
4.  Bite, chew, swallow, and smile (:

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