Sunday, November 13, 2011

Best Brownies

I've had a heck load of brownies in my short fifteen years...and this is my favorite classic fudge brownie. Yes, this is a FUDGE brownie.  If you're the kind of person who prefers cakey brownies - and I have no idea why you would; cakey brownies are no where near as good as fudge ones - then this is not a recipe for you.  And this frosting is absolutely to-die-for.  I'm the type of person who loves really rich desserts, so if you're not a rich dessert fan, then you may not want to make the frosting.  The brownies are wonderful without frosting, and the frosting makes them as rich as fudge ---> because that's what it is really...a fudge frosting. These are a choco-holic's dream-come-true. My mom says this is the best thing I've ever made.  That's saying a lot. Trust me.

you can click here for the brownie recipe. (just don't make the frosting included in this recipe)
...and here for the frosting recipe.

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  1. If not already a choco-holic you will become one after these!